Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's a .....


That's right, we are having a sweet, sweet baby girl! We went to First Glimpse in Baton Rouge. This place was amazing. It looked nothing like a doctor's office. It was so relaxing. We got into our room and there were big screen TVs on the walls and soft music was playing. I laid down on the table & Cody sat next to me. We held hands and watched the lady try to figure out the gender of our baby! The baby was so curled up but after about 5-10 minutes of moving her around ... we got a good "between the legs" shot, and there was absolutely nothing there! We were very shocked, because for some reason, we had it in our minds that we were definitely having a baby boy. Of course I cried (tears of joy!) once the lady said it was definitely a girl! After that, the lady kept calling the baby "she" & "her" and I believe that's when it really set in for me! The baby was so precious and sweet, and slept through the entire ultrasound. For being so tiny, she had some long skinny feet, just like her daddy! We could clearly see her spine, ribs, and all of her other bones. She was only about 5 inches long & 5 ounces in weight. Her little profile was so beautiful though. It amazed me that she was so formed already at only 5 inches long. It was definitely one of those "God moments". We got a DVD of the entire ultrasound and 10 ultrasound pictures. Afterwards, of all the good places to eat in Baton Rouge, I wanted Raisin Cane's very badly. So that's where we ate!

Yesterday, I had a doctor's appointment with Dr. Kumi. My blood pressure was normal & at 18 weeks 1 day pregnant, I have gained 5 pounds. I didn't tell him I knew the sex of my baby because I wanted to see if he could see if it was definitely a girl. He did an ultrasound & came to the conclusion that we are definitely having a baby girl! After the ultrasound, I had to give three tubes of blood. They are testing my blood to see if the baby has Down's Syndrome and for a few other things. Hopefully we will get some good results!

And now the shopping begins. I feel really, really bad for Cody's wallet/bank account. Little girl stuff is just way too precious. I have already ordered her crib & changing table. I have so many ideas for her room & I can't wait to get started on all of them! 

I had a few ideas for names but one really stuck out in my mind. Cody wasn't very picky when it came to her name (which I am SO thankful for). I like unique, girly names so having said that .. her sweet little name will be ....

Emerson Claire Wagoner

Thursday, September 1, 2011

So I'm completely new at this...

I've decided to start blogging just to keep everyone updated on my life! So many new journeys have started in a short amount of time & I'm constantly being surprised by what life has in store for me. I've realized that anything is possible & life's blessings are so amazing. I've also realized to take things as they come & handle them in a timely and careful manner. Basically, I try not to stress myself out! So having said that, here are the most current things happening ..

Today, I am 16 weeks & 4 days pregnant. Time has really flown by for me. I feel like just yesterday, my boyfriend Cody & I found out we were having a baby. We jokingly went to the store, bought a pregnancy test & a gallon of chocolate ice cream. I peed on the stick & cried in shock over the positive result. Things have really panned out since then, and things are falling into place. Here are some questions I commonly get asked & there answers, in case you guys were wondering -

When is your due date?
February 12th, 2012

Are you sick a lot?
NO. I have been so blessed to rarely get sick. In my first trimester, I can remember throwing up a total of three times. I do get headaches most days but nothing to serious.

Do you crave anything?
We really love fruits & vegetables. Subway is definitely our favorite thing to eat right now. We also like salt & vinegar pringles, any kind of juice, & water.

Are you showing? (POST BELLY PICTURES!)
I feel so bad when people ask to see my belly and there's nothing there. I know people expect to see a big huge basketball attached to my body, but it's just not there yet. I've gained 3.5 pounds in four months. (I'm pretty positive it's all boobs too, they are massive)

What do you want - boy or girl?
I am really not partial to either. I would be just as thrilled with a boy or a girl. I have cute room ideas for both & I don't ever lean towards one or the other.

What does Cody want - boy or girl?
Being a typical guy, Cody wants a boy. Badly. He wants to take him to do "guy things". Riding dirtbikes, wakeboarding, riding on the boat. Ya know, the stuff that guys think little girls shouldn't do, but it's totally okay for little boys to do. Even though I think a little girl would totally have Cody wrapped around his finger!

How is Cody taking all of this? Is he excited?
Cody is seriously the cutest thing ever about this baby. He always talks to my belly & kisses it. He is always talking about the baby and always asks how I'm feeling. We read three (yes, three) pregnancy books every Sunday night. He listens & asks questions. The more he falls in love with this baby, the more I fall in love with him.

When do you find out the sex of the baby?
We find out Saturday, September 3rd! We made an appointment with an ultrasound clinic in Baton Rouge, called First Glimpse. They only do ultrasounds & they give you pictures and a DVD of your entire ultrasound. It seems much better than going to the doctor, seeing your baby move around for about 5 minutes, getting a few pictures then you're done. We are very excited!

Can you feel the baby move yet?
I feel flutters almost every day. It feels like a goldfish swimming around my belly. 

So, that about sums it up! Between working a full time job & growing a human, I will try to update this thing as much as possible! Saturday we will know the gender of our little sweetness. Stay tuned! :)